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Industrial Cleaners

Industrial strength cleaners, degreasers and sanitisers. These products can be used in many different types of workplaces and businesses.

Cleaning Equipment

We have an extensive range of Cleaning Equipment to suit Industrial Purposes and Personal Use. Contact us so we can help get you the best piece for the job.

Kitchen & Laundry

Need some help choosing the right laundry detergent or powder? Or maybe need some advice on the best product to suit your kitchen cleaning needs? Click here to see a few of our products available.

Floor Cleaning

Click here to see our extensive range of floor cleaning supplies. We have polishers, scrubbers, strippers, sanitisers and more.


Household cleaners, aerosols, spray and wipes, window cleaners plus much more..

Washroom Amenities

We pride ourselves on offering a large and quality range of washroom amenities for all occasions. From toilet paper,  dispensers, sanitisers and much more we have all you need in one shop.

100% Quality, 20 Years of service, 50+ years of real cleaning experience