What to do when you have “Stinky Urinals”?


The best action to take is to eliminate the problem not just mask the smell.

Locate the source of the odour, mindful that this may not be just from the drain eg urinals, floors around urinal, walls, or any area that has come in contact with urine.

The best product to use would be enzyme/biological based cleaner such as: Agar’s Bac 2 Work or Enzyme Wizard Urinal Cleaner. 

A biological based cleaner actively eats away at the uric acids and organic soilage that cause the smell. Other detergents / disinfectants and hot water will kill the enzymes. This is virtually a spray and walk away type product, but some agitation of the area will help breakdown any tough layers allowing the product to get to the underlying soilage.

The trick will be making sure that the product comes in contact with all areas that are causing the smell. Assume, all surfaces of the urinal, the drain the floor around it, any walls if surrounding the area.

Urinal & Walls surfaces

  • Spray on neat allow to sit for 5 minutes and work it to the surface with a cloth or brush, leave it to sit and don’t rinse it off

Urinal Drain

  • Pour 50-100mls into the drain at the end of the day and leave it

Floor Surrounding Urinal

  • Add 400mls to 8ltrs of water and mop the floor with it and leave to dry.

Depending on how bad it is, the above may need to be followed daily for at least a week, or until the smell has disappeared.

For added freshness add a Anti Splash Urinal Screen: Available in 5 different scents Apple Cinnamon (green), Mango (orange), Lavender (purple), Cucumber Melon (yellow) & Citrus (yellow/green)

The benefits of using a urinal screen are the Micro-Tube Patented Technology pores in the screen open when in contact with urine, releasing a much stronger fragrance due the plastics reaction to

Avoids splashing inside and out of the urinal

Unique Draining System in every microtube leaving the screen residue-free

Formula containing enzymes preventing malodours

Prevents passage of debris such as cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc