Carpet Care

Did you know that properly cleaned and maintained carpet will last twice as long.
Here are a few tips for keeping your carpet looking new and fresh for years to come.

1. Vacuum often and effectively.
Ensure your Vacuum head is set at the correct height, too low and it can damage the carpet, too high and it will not pick up the dirt. Make sure you vacuum regularly especially in areas with high traffic. Always keep an eye on your filter. Empty dirt and wash filters to keep the suction at maximum levels. Have an entrance mat to reduce the amount of dirt coming in your place to start with.

2.Steam Clean every 12-18 Months.
Give your carpet a good deep steam clean every 12-18 months to get rid of any build up of dust, allergens, oils and stains. Make sure you use the correct chemicals and products for your carpet. Ensure you get our advice before you DIY as some products will only build up soap residue or leave too much water which can then cause mould and mildew.

3. Clean Stains straight away.
The faster you get to the stain the more likely it is to come out. Never scrub the stain as that will only cause it do go deeper into the carpet fibres and make it harder to remove. Blot using water from the outsides of the stain toward the middle to avoid spreading it further. Work water gently into carpet and blot with a dry towel. When water is not strong enough use a spot stain remover. Call to ask about our products suitable for your carpet in the office and home.