Hygienic use of Mops and Buckets

Different mops and buckets should be used for toilets, kitchens and general areas. At the very least change the water and rinse the mop between cleaning these areas.

Using the same mop and bucket throughout these areas may result in bacterial contamination from one area to another. It is important to change the mop and bucket water on a regular basis. When the water becomes visibly dirty the water should be changed and the mop rinsed. Continuing to clean with dirty water will leave a smeary film and may contribute to slippery floors. It is a good idea to color code mops and buckets for the cleaning of different areas.

Maintaining Mops

Always rinse your mops thoroughly after use and hang up to air out preventing odour and bacteria.

To refresh and sanitise your old mop soak in a bucket overnight with a cup of bleach and water and then hang up to air out.

Handy Hint (Avoiding detergent residues)

Never over-use detergents in a mop and bucket. This leaves detergent residues on the floor which attracts dirt and may leave the floor slippery.