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Carpet Care

Did you know that properly cleaned and maintained carpet will last twice as long. Here are a few tips for keeping your carpet looking new and fresh for years to come. 1. Vacuum often and effectively. Ensure your Vacuum head is set at the correct height, too low and it can damage the carpet, too […]

Entrance Matting and It’s Benefits

Did you know up to 90% of dirt in the workplace is walked in through the entrance door. Having the correct type entrance mat is key to stopping dirt and moisture from entering your building. There are many different types of mats to suit your needs and workplaces. Saves you money They will assist in […]

Effective usage of cleaning agents

When using either detergent or cleaning agents always allow time for the product to penetrate the surface that needs cleaning before wiping off or rinsing down. This will produce a cleaner result and effective use of the product on the task you are doing. Pretesting surfaces Add a small quantity of detergent to the surface […]

Hygienic use of Mops and Buckets

Different mops and buckets should be used for toilets, kitchens and general areas. At the very least change the water and rinse the mop between cleaning these areas. Using the same mop and bucket throughout these areas may result in bacterial contamination from one area to another. It is important to change the mop and […]